【郵寄到府】PG ONE《ANSW1R》限量專輯預購

PG ONE 《ANSW1R》限量專輯預購



籌備了近一年半的第二張正式專輯《ANSW1R》,專輯收錄了包括熱門單曲《都是你》和專輯預熱單曲《NO CAP》在內的13首曲目,合作的老搭擋有制作人H3R3和DIESI、BLAZO,又加入了首次合作的BEAT MAKER包括:順德、TIM、POLOBEAR。

《ANSW1R》,不同第一張專輯「PHASELESS」,這次的內容表達了PG ONE對自身的思考與重拾自信。ANSW1R如名所述,包含著王唯楚自我思考的答案,親情與愛情的答案,面對人生的坎坷與冷嘲熱諷的心態,在不同的環境下和經歷中尋找自己的初心,真正的答案是什麽並不重要,一萬個人心里,有一萬種答案,最重要的是你內心的追求,憧憬與希望。

After nearly a year and a half of preparation, PG ONE is set to release his second official album, 'ANSW1R.' The album includes 13 tracks, featuring popular singles such as '都是你' (Because of you) and the pre-release single 'NO CAP.' Collaborating with longtime partners including producers H3R3, DIESI, and BLAZO, PG ONE also brings in new collaborators, including BEAT MAKERs Shunde, TIM, and POLOBEAR.

Diverging from his first album, 'PHASELESS,' 'ANSW1R' reflects PG ONE's introspection and rediscovery of confidence. As the title suggests, 'ANSW1R' contains the answers to PG ONE's self-reflection, family, and love. Facing life's challenges and navigating through sarcasm and ridicule, the album explores his journey in different environments, searching for his true self. The actual answers may not be crucial; there are ten thousand different answers in people's hearts. What matters most is the pursuit, aspirations, and hopes within one's inner self.

《ANSW1R》1/6兵人 全球限量2000個 帶編號簽名專輯 $9,888 

《ANSW1R》 12cm潮玩 標準版專輯 $2,860

《ANSW1R》鍍18K金項鍊 $4,580 




  • 預購時間:2024/1/5 12:00 ~ 極限量,售完為止
    Pre-order Period: 2024/1/5 12:00 ~ Limited Quantity, Until Sold Out
  • 預購方式:僅限KKTIX 網站
    Pre-order Method: Only available on the KKTIX website

  • 取貨說明:
    Delivery Instructions:
  1. 郵寄運費$100 已加至商品售價。
    Postal shipping fee of $100 will be added to the product price.
  2. 預購商品於2024/7/1開始依購買順序進行寄送。
    Pre-ordered items will be dispatched starting from July 1, 2024, in the order of purchase.
  3. 價格不包含 空運運費、關稅等,相關費用屆時公布在主辦單位【Mercury Entertainment】IG,需在商品寄出前補足費用$398/單。
    The price does not include air freight, customs duties, etc. Relevant fees will be announced on the official Instagram account of the organizer, Mercury Entertainment. These fees must be settled before the product is shipped.

郵寄相關問題,請於周一~周五 11:00-20:00 客服信箱  cs@spaceportcarnival.com


|其 他 資 訊|

!!! 郵局配送時間為演唱會後 !!! 想要在演唱會前拿到請選現場取貨 !!!

!!! 郵局配送時間為演唱會後 !!! 想要在演唱會前拿到請選現場取貨 !!!

!!! 郵局配送時間為演唱會後 !!! 想要在演唱會前拿到請選現場取貨 !!!

  1. 此販售商品不適用七天鑑賞期,如有瑕疵請於收到商品當天聯繫 cs@spaceportcarnival.com 提出
    This product is not eligible for a seven-day return period. In case of defects, please contact cs@spaceportcarnival.com on the day of receiving the product to file a complaint.
  2. 所有商品數量有限售完為止。
    All products are available in limited quantities and will be sold until stocks are exhausted.

  3. 因電腦螢幕顯色不同,圖片僅供參考,現場商品以實際顏色為主。
    Due to variations in computer monitor displays, the images are for reference only. The actual colors of the on-site products will prevail.

  4. 價格不包含 空運運費、關稅等,相關費用屆時公布在主辦單位【Mercury Entertainment】IG,需在商品寄出前補足費用$398/單。
    The price does not include air freight, customs duties, etc. Relevant fees will be announced on the official Instagram account of the organizer, Mercury Entertainment. These fees must be settled before the product is shipped.

  5. 請務必於演出日前留意主辦單位【Mercury Entertainment】公告相關資訊,以免損害自身權益。
    Please be sure to pay attention to any announcements and relevant information provided by the organizer, Mercury Entertainment, prior to the performance date to avoid compromising your own interests.

  6. 限量福利券之專輯簽名為專輯簽名權,請自行準備PG ONE個人專輯或線上預購新專輯,此福利券不附贈專輯
    The signature on the limited edition voucher is for the album signing event only. Please prepare PG ONE's personal album or pre-order the new album online. This voucher does not come with a complimentary album.

  7. 以上為響應環保,現場恕不提供袋子,請自備購物袋。
    The above is in response to environmental conservation. Shopping bags will not be provided on-site, so please bring your own reusable shopping bag.

  8. 主辦單位保留修改、終止、變更活動內容細節之權利。
    The organizer reserves the right to modify, terminate, or change the details of the event.



您的KKTIX會員需完成"電子郵件地址及手機號碼驗證"才能進行購票流程,請至https://kktix.com/users/edit 確認是否您的電子郵件及手機號碼已經認證完畢。提醒您請勿使用Yahoo、Hotmail信箱註冊及驗證,以避免驗證信未能寄達。
Your KKTIX membership needs to complete "Email Address Verification" before proceeding with the pre-order process. Please visit https://kktix.com/users/edit to confirm whether your email has been verified. Please note that registering and verifying with Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses is not recommended to ensure that the verification email is delivered successfully.
  1. 本預購活動網站預購僅接受已完成手機號碼及電子郵件地址驗證之會員購買,預購前請先"加入會員"並盡早完成"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,以便進行預購流程,建議可於會員"設定"中的"報名預填資料"先行存檔「姓名」和「手機」,可減少預購時間快速進行下一步。
    This pre-order event website only accepts purchases from members. Before pre-ordering, please "join as a member" and complete the "email address" verification to facilitate the pre-order process. It is recommended to save your "name" and "phone number" in the "Sign-up pre-filled information" section under "Settings" in advance, which can reduce pre-order time and expedite the next steps.

  2. 為了確保您的權益,強烈建議您,在註冊會員或是結帳時填寫的聯絡人電子郵件,盡量不要使用Yahoo或Hotmail郵件信箱,以免因為擋信、漏信,甚至被視為垃圾郵件而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』。
    To ensure your rights, it is strongly recommended that you avoid using Yahoo or Hotmail email addresses for the contact person's email when registering as a member or during checkout. This is to prevent issues such as blocking, missing emails, or being marked as spam, which may result in not receiving the "Order Confirmation" notification.

  3. 訂單成立通知信可能因其他因素未能寄達,僅提供交易通知之用,未收到訂單成立通知信不代表交易沒有成功,又或是刷卡付款失敗,請於付款期限之內再次嘗試刷卡(即便收到銀行的授權成功的簡訊或電子郵件),若訂單逾期取消,則表示訂單真的沒有成立,請再重新訂購。一旦無法確認於網站上的訂單是否交易成功,請至會員帳戶的"訂單"查詢您的消費資料,只要是成功的訂單,皆會顯示您所消費的票券明細,若查不到您所訂購的票券,表示交易並未成功,請重新訂票。The Order Confirmation email may not reach you due to various factors. It is provided solely for transaction notification purposes. The non-receipt of the Order Confirmation email does not imply that the transaction was unsuccessful, or it could be due to a failed credit card payment. Please attempt to make the payment again within the payment deadline, even if you have received an SMS or email confirming the bank's successful authorization.
    If the order is canceled due to expiration, it indicates that the order did not go through. Please proceed to re-order. If you are uncertain about the success of the transaction on the website, check your consumer information under "Orders" in your member account. Successful orders will display ticket details. If you cannot find the tickets you ordered, it means the transaction was unsuccessful, and you should proceed to re-order.
  4. KKTIX系統沒有固定的清票時間,只要消費者沒有於期限內完成付款,未付款的票券就會陸陸續續釋放出來,消費者可隨時留意是否有釋出可售票券張數。
    KKTIX system does not have a fixed ticket clearing time. As long as consumers do not complete the payment within the specified deadline, unpaid tickets will be released gradually. Consumers can always check whether there are newly released available tickets

  5. KKTIX網站預購:
    Ticket Purchase on KKTIX Website:
    • 每筆訂單限購 4 張,每位KKTIX會員限購4張
    • 需先加入會員並通過"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,請務必在活動啟售前24小時完成驗證,售票當天無法保證能驗證成功,24小時之內才驗證手機成功的帳號恕無法確保能順利購票。
      It is recommended to join as a member and undergo verification of 'phone number and email address' before purchasing tickets. Please ensure to complete the verification within 24 hours before the event goes on sale, as successful verification on the day of ticket sales cannot be guaranteed. Accounts that verify their phone number successfully within 24 hours may not be guaranteed a smooth ticket purchase

    • 進行手機號碼驗證,但收不到簡訊怎麼辦?請點我
      If you are unable to receive the SMS for phone number verification, what should you do? Please click here

    • 付款方式:信用卡(VISA/MASTER/JCB)、ATM虛擬帳號
      Payment Methods: Credit Card (VISA/MASTER/JCB), ATM Virtual Account

    • 為強化信用卡網路付款安全,KKTIX售票系統網站導入了更安全的信用卡 3D 驗證服務,會員預購時,將取得簡訊驗證碼,確保卡號確實為持卡人所有,以提供持卡人更安全的網路交易環境。信用卡3D驗證流程為何?
      To enhance the security of online credit card payments, the KKTIX ticketing system website has implemented a more secure 3D Secure (3DS) authentication service for credit cards. When members purchase tickets, they will receive a verification code via SMS to ensure that the card number belongs to the cardholder, providing a safer online transaction environment

    • ATM虛擬帳號付款注意事項:僅限於台灣金融機構開戶所核發之提款卡並已開通「非約定帳戶轉帳」之功能,每筆訂單若超過$30,000無法選擇ATM虛擬帳號付款,請務必於期限內付款,逾期未付款訂單將會自動取消
      Important Notes for ATM Virtual Account Payment: This payment method is only available for debit cards issued by financial institutions in Taiwan that have activated the "Non-Designated Account Transfer" feature. If the order amount exceeds $30,000, ATM Virtual Account payment cannot be selected. Please ensure timely payment within the specified period, as orders not paid by the deadline will be automatically canceled.

    • 取貨方式:
      Ticket (Goods) Collection Method:
      1. 郵寄到府商品:僅接受郵寄至台灣地址,並在2024/7/1開始依購買順序進行寄送
        Postal Delivery for Products:Only available for delivery to addresses in Taiwan,Shipping will commence starting from July 1, 2024, in the order of purchase.

    • KKTIX購票流程圖示說明 請點我
      KKTIX Ticket Purchase Process Diagram Explanation, Please Click Here.
    • 選擇郵寄到府商品請留意:請確實核對收件人及收件地址資料,如收發處為公司行號或大樓管理處,請務必確認收發單位能確實將包裹轉達給收件者本人,若因該收發處人為疏失或因個人資料填寫錯誤導致無法順利收受周邊商品,恕無法補發。
      For choosing postal delivery for products or ticket collection, please note: Please verify the recipient's information and delivery address carefully. If the delivery location is a company, office, or managed building, ensure that the receiving unit can reliably deliver the package to the intended recipient. In case of any mishandling by the delivery location or errors in personal information input, resulting in the inability to receive peripheral products or tickets smoothly, replacements cannot be issued.



  • 消費者請求退、換票之時限為購買票券後 3 日內(不含購票日及假日),購買後第4日起不接受退換票申請,請求退換票日期以實體票券郵寄或EMAIL寄達日寄達日為準,退票需酌收票面金額5%手續費,範例如下。
    • 2024/1/5 購買,退票截止日為2024/1/10 (含),2024/1/11 (含)起寄達的EMAIL退票申請不再受理。

    • 2024/1/13 購買,退票截止日為2024/1/17 (含),2024/1/18 (含)起寄達的EMAIL退票申請不再受理。

Consumers can request ticket refunds or exchanges within 3 days (excluding the purchase day) after purchasing the tickets. Requests made on the 4th day or later will not be accepted. The refund/exchange date is based on the date the physical ticket is mailed or the date the email is received. 5% handling fee will be charged for ticket refunds.

  • Purchases made on January 5, 2024, can be refunded until January 10, 2024 (inclusive). Refund requests received for physical ticket delivery or email delivery starting from January 11, 2024, will no longer be accepted.
  • Purchases made on January 13, 2024, can be refunded until January 17, 2024 (inclusive). Refund requests received for physical ticket delivery or email delivery starting from January 18, 2024, will no longer be accepted.
  • 請求退換票日期,以在退票期限前寄達至主辦單位客服信箱之日為準。
    The request for ticket refund or exchange must be based on the date when the physical ticket reaches the organizer's address or when the electronic ticket is received in the customer service email inbox, within the specified refund period.

  • 本活動此次退票酌收規定之票面金額 5% 手續費。
    For this event, 5% handling fee will be charged for ticket refunds.

  • 選擇郵寄到府預購商品者:請完整填寫「退票申請書」並 Email 到【Mercury Entertainmeant】客服信箱 cs@spaceportcarnival.com ,退費程序將在收件日起算 60 個工作日(不含假日)內完成退費作業。
    For those who have not collected their tickets: Please fill out the 'refund application form' completely and email it to【Mercury Entertainmeant】customer service at cs@spaceportcarnival.com. The refund process will begin on the date of receipt and will be completed within 60 working days (excluding holidays) from that date.

  • 換票等同於退票,請退票後再逕行於 KKTIX 購買。
    Exchanging tickets is equivalent to a refund. Please proceed with the refund process and then repurchase the tickets directly on KKTIX.

  • 一旦完成取消訂單及退票手續,該退票之票券將失效,恕無法恢復。
    Once the cancellation and refund procedures are completed, the ticket associated with the refund will become invalid and cannot be reinstated.

  • 「取票手續費」、「轉帳手續費」及「寄回票券郵資」等額外手續費非屬票價部分需由購票人承擔。
    Additional fees such as 'ticket retrieval fee,' 'transfer fee,' and 'postage for returning tickets' are not included in the ticket price and must be borne by the ticket purchaser.




  1. 商品為演唱會2024/6/28,6/29共兩日於Zepp New Taipei兌換。
    The product is for the concert on June 28 and June 29, 2024, at Zepp New Taipei. Redemption will be available for both days.

  2. 請勿於拍賣網站或是其他非KKTIX正式授權售票之通路、網站購票、也不要透過陌生代購進行購票,主辦單位與KKTIX均無法保證票券真實性。除可能衍生詐騙案件或交易糾紛外,以免影響自身權益,若發生演出現場無法入場或是其他問題,主辦單位及KKTIX概不負責。
    Please refrain from purchasing on auction websites or other unauthorized channels not officially authorized by KKTIX. Buying from such sources may lead to potential fraud or transaction disputes, jeopardizing your own interests. In the event of issues such as the inability to redeem products or other problems, the organizers and KKTIX will not be held responsible.

  3. 若有任何形式非供自用而加價轉售(無論加價名目為代購費、交通費、補貼等均包含在內)之情事者,已違反社會秩序維護法第64條第2款;且依文化創意產業發展法第十條之一第二項規定,將票券超過票面金額或定價販售者,按票券張數,由直轄市政府、縣(市)政府處每張票面金額之十倍至五十倍罰鍰,請勿以身試法!
  4. 現場取貨者須憑票券兌換商品,票券視同有價證券,請妥善保存,如發生遺失、破損、燒毀或無法辨識等狀況,恕不補發。
    For on-site pickup, please redeem the merchandise with the ticket. The ticket is considered a valuable security document, so please keep it safe. In the event of loss, damage, burning, or any condition that renders it unidentifiable, replacements will not be issued.

  5. 本預購所蒐集之資料,包含姓名、手機、EMAIL及收件地址等資訊,僅提供主辦單位做為現場兌換商品核對身份、郵寄商品及進一步使用於您所參加的預購活動,並不會做其他用途,亦不會將您的個人資料和預購資料提供給無關的第三方。
    The information collected during this pre-order, including name, phone number, email, and mailing address, is solely for the purpose of identity verification during on-site merchandise redemption, mailing of merchandise, and further use related to the pre-order activity you have participated in. This information will not be used for any other purposes, and your personal and pre-order data will not be provided to unrelated third parties.

  6. 購票前請詳閱各活動頁注意事項,一旦預購成功視為同意上述所有活動頁注意事項。
    Before making a purchase, please carefully read the instructions. Once the purchase is successful, it is considered an agreement to all the pre-order terms and conditions mentioned above.

📍以上活動內容,主辦單位保留異動之權力。The promoter reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time

ZEPP NEW TAIPEI / 新北市新莊區新北大道四段3號8樓

Event Tickets

Ticket Type Sale Period Price
1/6 兵人 限量版專輯

2024/01/05 12:00(+0800) ~ 2024/01/10 18:00(+0800)
  • TWD$9,988
12cm潮玩 標準版專輯

2024/01/05 12:00(+0800) ~ 2024/04/01 23:59(+0800)
  • TWD$2,960

2024/01/05 12:00(+0800) ~ 2024/04/01 23:59(+0800)
  • TWD$4,680
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