2024 Gareth. T 湯令山 “T-Time” 台北站


2024 Gareth.T 湯令山“T-Time” 台北站 🔥


Gareth.T在Spotify上已累積了數千萬的點擊率,其中《boyfriend material》達2470萬次播放、《honest》達1290萬次播放、《勁浪漫 超溫馨 (hyperromantic)》達1000萬次播放。



Gareth.T, a 24-year-old R&B singer, producer, and songwriter from Hong Kong, mesmerizes audiences with his unique style that blends the smooth tones of R&B with the raw elements of hip-hop.

Gareth.T has amassed tens of millions of streams on Spotify, with his track "boyfriend material" reaching 24.7 million plays, "honest" reaching 12.9 million plays, and "勁浪漫 超溫馨 (hyperromantic)" reaching 10 million plays.

In 2024, he will embark on his "T-Time" tour across Asia and Australia. On September 20, 2024, he will hold his first solo concert in Taipei. This highly anticipated event is not to be missed!





✦ 節目資訊

2024 Gareth.T 湯令山“T-Time” 台北站

演出日期:2024/09/20 (五)

Performance Date: September 20, 2024 (Friday)


Doors Open: 19:00 (In case of any changes, advance notice will be provided.)


Show Starts: 20:00 (In case of any changes, advance notice will be provided.)

演出地點:Zepp New Taipei

Venue: Zepp New Taipei


Address: 8F, No. 3, Section 4, New Taipei Boulevard, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City

啟售時間:2024/6/19 (三) 18:19PM

Ticket Sales Start: June 19, 2023 (Wednesday) 18:19 PM


Ticket Purchase: The KKTIX official website and the FamilyMart convenience store FamiPort.

✦ 一般票價

1F GA NTD$2,380


(No queueing number,Please follow the on-site staff's instructions and queue for entry.)

2F座席 2F Normal Ticket NTD$2,580


(Reserved Seating, please take your seat according to the seat number on your ticket.)

✦ 加價購-優先入場券


Limited Exclusive Benefit Voucher , for detailed information please refer to:

🎫福利券開賣時間 2024/6/27 (四) 19:00PM KKTIX售票系統全面開賣

Official Sale Begins: June 27, 2024 (Thursday) at 19:00 PM on the KKTIX ticketing system.



  • 人身安全起見,孕婦及身高未滿110公分或未滿7歲孩童,請勿購買站席票券,主辦方將有權謝絕入場。
    For the safety of individuals, pregnant women, individuals shorter than 110 centimeters, or children under 7 years old are advised not to purchase standing tickets. The organizer reserves the right to refuse entry in such cases.
  • 付款方式可選擇 KKTIX 信用卡購票或全家便利商店 FamiPort 現金購票。
    Payment options include purchasing tickets through KKTIX with a credit card or buying tickets with cash at FamilyMart convenience stores using FamiPort.
  • KKTIX 信用卡購票:為杜絕黃牛與降低消費者將票券丟失的風險,本場活動將於演出前 10 日始開放取票
    For KKTIX credit card ticket purchases: To prevent scalping and reduce the risk of consumers losing tickets, ticket collection for this event will open 10 days before the performance.
  • 全家 FamiPort 現金購票:需要立即取票,務必妥善保管票券,若有遺失,概不負責。For cash ticket purchases at FamilyMart FamiPort: Tickets need to be collected immediately, and it is crucial to keep them safe. The organizer will not be responsible for any loss.
  • 請務必於演出日前關注主辦單位官方網站及臉書頁面,詳讀確認入場時間流程及相關規範,以免損害自身權益。如未能於公布的整隊時間內報到整隊,將視同放棄您的序號優先權利,需按照現場工作人員指示依現場隊伍順序入場。
    Please be sure to check the official website and Facebook page of the organizer before the performance date. Read and confirm the entry time process and related regulations to avoid compromising your own rights. If you fail to check in within the announced grouping time, it will be considered a waiver of your priority number rights. You will need to follow the on-site staff's instructions and enter according to the on-site queue order.
  • 入場須配合安檢及防疫入場須知,場館禁止外飲外食,場館所販售之飲品則不在此限,除手機之外的任何形式之拍攝及錄音電子設備、自拍棒與危險物品(依主辦單位定義)等入場,場館設有限量置物櫃,主辦單位有權立即請違反者離開現場自行另覓處所寄物。相關規定請關注【Mercury EntertainmentInstagram】獲得最新資訊。
    Admission is subject to security checks and compliance with epidemic prevention guidelines. Outside food and beverages are strictly prohibited in the venue; however, beverages sold within the venue are exempt from this restriction. No form of photography, recording electronic devices other than mobile phones, selfie sticks, and any items deemed dangerous by the organizers (as defined by the organizing committee) are allowed inside the venue. Limited storage lockers are available, and the organizers reserve the right to immediately ask violators to leave the premises and find alternative storage options. Please refer to 【Mercury Entertainment Instagram】 for the latest information on relevant regulations.
  • 本公司為尊重他人音樂著作財產權,秉持事先授權原則,承諾於所舉辦之演唱會演出前向權利人申請合法授權。
    Our company, in respect of the intellectual property rights of others in music compositions, adheres to the principle of obtaining prior authorization. We commit to applying for legal authorization from the right holders before the concert takes place.
  • 建議選擇透過官方渠道購買正式票券,以確保您的購票體驗。若消費者自行透過第三方(包括網路、黃牛、非官方渠道)購買票券,本公司將無法對相關事宜承擔責任。
    We recommend choosing to purchase official tickets through authorized channels to ensure a smooth ticketing experience. If consumers choose to obtain tickets through third parties (including online platforms, scalpers, and unofficial channels), the company cannot assume responsibility for any related matters.
  • 以上活動內容,主辦單位保留異動之權力。The promoter reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time.



  • 本節目網站購票僅接受已完成手機號碼及電子郵件地址驗證之會員購買,購票前請先"加入會員"並盡早完成"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,以便進行購票流程,建議可於會員"設定"中的"報名預填資料"先行存檔「姓名」和「手機」,可減少購票時間快速進行下一步。
    The ticket purchase for this event through the website is only available to members who have completed verification of their phone number and email address. Before purchasing tickets, please "join as a member" and promptly complete the "phone number and email address" verification process to facilitate the ticket purchase procedure. It is recommended to save "name" and "phone number" in the "pre-fill information for registration" section under "settings" to expedite the ticket purchase process. This can be done in advance to reduce the time required for purchasing tickets and proceed quickly to the next steps
  • 為了確保您的權益,強烈建議您,在註冊會員或是結帳時填寫的聯絡人電子郵件,盡量不要使用Yahoo或Hotmail郵件信箱,以免因為擋信、漏信,甚至被視為垃圾郵件而無法收到『訂單成立通知信』。
    To ensure your rights, it is strongly recommended that when registering as a member or during checkout, you avoid using Yahoo or Hotmail email accounts for the contact person's email. This is to prevent issues such as email blocking, leakage, or being marked as spam, which may result in not receiving the "Order Confirmation" notification.
  • 訂單成立通知信可能因其他因素未能寄達,僅提供交易通知之用,未收到訂單成立通知信不代表交易沒有成功,又或是刷卡付款失敗,請於付款期限之內再次嘗試刷卡(即便收到銀行的授權成功的簡訊或電子郵件),若訂單逾期取消,則表示訂單真的沒有成立,請再重新訂購。一旦無法確認於網站上的訂單是否交易成功,請至會員帳戶的"訂單"查詢您的消費資料,只要是成功的訂單,皆會顯示您所消費的票券明細,若查不到您所訂購的票券,表示交易並未成功,請重新訂票。
    The order confirmation notification email may not be delivered due to various factors and is provided solely for transaction notification purposes. Not receiving the order confirmation email does not necessarily mean the transaction was unsuccessful or that the credit card payment failed. Please attempt to make the payment again within the payment deadline, even if you have received a successful authorization SMS or email from the bank. If the order is canceled due to expiration, it means the order was not successfully completed, and you should proceed to reorder.
    If you are unable to confirm the success of the transaction on the website, please check your consumption details in the "Orders" section of your member account. Any successfully placed order will display the details of the tickets you purchased. If you cannot find the tickets you ordered, it indicates that the transaction was not successful, and you should proceed to place a new order.
  • 2F座席區本節目在全家FamiPort購票為「自動配位」,若需自行選擇座位請於網站上購票。
    For the 2F seating area, ticket purchases for this event at FamilyMart FamiPort are designated as "automatic allocation." If you wish to choose your own seats, please make the purchase through the website.
  • KKTIX系統沒有固定的清票時間,只要消費者沒有於期限內完成付款,未付款的票券就會陸陸續續釋放出來,消費者可隨時留意是否有釋出可售票券張數。
    KKTIX system does not have a fixed ticket clearing time. As long as consumers do not complete the payment within the specified deadline, unpaid tickets will be released gradually. Consumers can always check whether there are newly released available tickets.
  • KKTIX網站購票:
    Ticket Purchase on KKTIX Website:
  • 建議購票前先加入會員並通過"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證,請務必在活動啟售前24小時完成驗證,售票當天無法保證能驗證成功,24小時之內才驗證手機成功的帳號恕無法確保能順利購票。
    It is recommended to join as a member and undergo verification of 'phone number and email address' before purchasing tickets. Please ensure to complete the verification within 24 hours before the event goes on sale, as successful verification on the day of ticket sales cannot be guaranteed. Accounts that verify their phone number successfully within 24 hours may not be guaranteed a smooth ticket purchase
  • 進行手機號碼驗證,但收不到簡訊怎麼辦?請點我
    If you are unable to receive the SMS for phone number verification, what should you do? Please click here
  • 2F座席區系統會先配好最適座位,可以在規定時間內更改座位
    The system will pre-assign the most suitable seats for the 2F seating area, and you can change your seats within the specified time
  • 付款方式:信用卡(VISA/MASTER/JCB)、ATM虛擬帳號
    Payment methods: Credit Card (VISA/MASTER/JCB), ATM Virtual Account
  • 為強化信用卡網路付款安全,KKTIX售票系統網站導入了更安全的信用卡 3D 驗證服務,會員購票時,將取得簡訊驗證碼,確保卡號確實為持卡人所有,以提供持卡人更安全的網路交易環境。信用卡3D驗證流程為何?
    To enhance the security of online credit card payments, the KKTIX ticketing system website has implemented a more secure 3D Secure (3DS) authentication service for credit cards. When members purchase tickets, they will receive a verification code via SMS to ensure that the card number belongs to the cardholder, providing a safer online transaction environment.
  • ATM虛擬帳號付款注意事項:僅限於台灣金融機構開戶所核發之提款卡並已開通「非約定帳戶轉帳」之功能,每筆訂單若超過$30,000無法選擇ATM虛擬帳號付款,請務必於期限內付款,逾期未付款訂單將會自動取消
    Important Notes for ATM Virtual Account Payment: This payment method is only available for debit cards issued by financial institutions in Taiwan that have activated the "Non-Designated Account Transfer" feature. If the order amount exceeds $30,000, ATM Virtual Account payment cannot be selected. Please ensure timely payment within the specified period, as orders not paid by the deadline will be automatically canceled.
  • 取票方式:活動開演前10天可至全家取票(手續費每筆$30/4張為限,請於全家便利商店繳納給櫃臺)
    Ticket Collection Method: Tickets can be collected at FamilyMart convenience stores starting 10 days before the event. A handling fee of $30 per transaction (limited to 4 tickets) applies, and please make the payment at the FamilyMart counter.
  • KKTIX購票流程圖示說明 請點我
    KKTIX Ticket Purchase Process Diagram Explanation, Please Click Here.
  • 全家便利商店FamiPort取票說明 請點我
    FamilyMart Convenience Store FamiPort Ticket Collection Instructions, Please Click Here.
  • 選擇全家便利商店FamiPort取票請留意:活動開演前10天可至全家取票,請勿在啟售當天於網站訂購完成後馬上至全家便利商店取票,只要訂購成功票券在開放取票日2024/9/10後~演出前皆可取票。
    If you choose FamilyMart Convenience Store FamiPort for ticket collection, please note that you can collect your tickets at FamilyMart starting 10 days before the event. Avoid going to FamilyMart immediately after completing the online order on the day of sale. Successfully ordered tickets can be collected anytime after the ticket collection period opens on Sep 10, 2024, up until the day of the performance.
  • 全家便利商店FamiPort購票:
    Purchase Tickets at FamilyMart Convenience Store FamiPort.
  • 無需加入會員,每筆訂單限購4張
    No need to join as a member; the limit is 4 tickets per order.
  • 2F座席區為系統自動配位,選擇區域後系統將自動配至購買票價的最適區域及座位,且可能與選擇的區域不同,無法自行選區域及座位
    The 2F seating area is automatically assigned by the system. After selecting the area, the system will automatically allocate to the most suitable area and seat based on the purchased ticket price. It may differ from the selected area, and there is no option to choose the area and seat manually.
  • 付款方式:僅接受現金
    Payment Method: Cash Only.
  • 取票方式:付款完畢直接於全家便利商店櫃臺現場取票,免手續費
    Ticket Collection Method: After completing the payment, collect your tickets directly at the FamilyMart convenience store counter, no handling fee required
  • 全家便利商店店鋪查詢 請點我
    FamilyMart Convenience Store Locator, Please Click Here.
  • 全家便利商店FamiPort購票流程圖示說明 請點我
    FamilyMart Convenience Store FamiPort Ticket Purchase Process Diagram Explanation, Please Click Here.
  • 於全家便利商店FamiPort列印繳費單後,需在10分鐘內在該店櫃檯完成結帳,若無法在時間內完成結帳取票,訂單將會被取消,原本購買的票券將釋回到系統中重新銷售。
    After printing the payment slip at FamilyMart Convenience Store FamiPort, you must complete the payment at the counter within 10 minutes. If you fail to complete the payment and ticket collection within the specified time, the order will be canceled, and the originally purchased tickets will be released back into the system for resale.
  • 於全家便利商店之購票動作皆於結帳取票後方能保證票券,請注意單憑列印繳費單無法保證其票券。
    Tickets purchased at FamilyMart Convenience Store are guaranteed only after completing the payment and ticket collection at the checkout. Please note that merely printing the payment slip does not guarantee the reservation of the tickets.
  • 身心障礙票券說明:
    Explanation of Disability Tickets
  • 僅限 KKTIX 網站購票,需加入會員並通過"手機號碼及電子郵件地址"驗證及「身心障礙者身份認證」,請務必在活動啟售前24小時完成驗證,售票當天無法保證能認證成功,24小時之內才認證成功的帳號恕無法確保能順利購票。
    Only available for ticket purchase on the KKTIX website. Membership registration is required, and verification through 'phone number and email address' as well as 'disability identity certification' is mandatory. Please ensure to complete the verification 24 hours before the event goes on sale, as successful verification on the day of ticket sales cannot be guaranteed. Accounts that complete verification within 24 hours may not be guaranteed a smooth ticket purchase.
  • 如何進行身心障礙者身份認證?請點我
    How to complete the identity verification for individuals with disabilities? Please click here.
  • 進行手機號碼驗證,但收不到簡訊怎麼辦?請點我
    If you are having trouble receiving the SMS verification code, please click here.
  • 通過身份認證之帳號,僅可購買身心障礙證明「有效期限」晚於「活動日」之票券。
    Accounts that have completed identity verification can only purchase tickets with a disability certification validity period that extends beyond the event date.
  • 每位身心障礙人士含必要陪同者限購最多2張票券,「必要陪伴者優惠措施」須通過主管機關身分認證始能購買陪同席票。
    Each person with disabilities, including necessary companions, is limited to purchasing a maximum of 2 tickets. The "Companion Discount" requires verification by the supervisory authority to purchase accompanying seat tickets.
  • 身心障礙優先席以主辦單位/場館規定區域、座位、優惠票價配位銷售,售完為止。
    Seats for individuals with disabilities are allocated based on the organizer/venue's designated areas, seats, and discounted prices, available until sold out.
  • 票價每席 1190 元
    Ticket price: $1190 per seat.
  • 進場時須出示有效身心障礙證明正本,若有必要陪伴者,須一同入場(恕無法單獨持票進場),以利查驗。入場時如有不合規定或非身心障礙證明持有者,可拒絕入場並拒絕任何退換票要求。
    Upon entry, please present the original and valid disability certification. If there is a necessary companion, both individuals must enter together (individual entry with a ticket is not allowed) for verification. Admission may be refused if there is a violation of regulations or if the ticket holder does not have a valid disability certification, and any refund or exchange requests may be denied.



根據文化部訂定『藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項』第六項「退、換票機制」之規定共有四種方案之退換票規定,本節目採用方案二:消費者請求退、換票之時限為購買票券後 3 日內(不含購票日)。但消費者於退、換票時限屆至前購買,迄於時限屆至後始收受票券或於開演前仍未收受票券者,亦得退換票,全家取票因購買當日便可取票則不適用此規範。

In accordance with the regulations set by the Ministry of Culture regarding the 'Standardized Contract for Cultural and Performing Arts Tickets - Required and Prohibited Clauses,' Article 6 outlines four options for the ticket refund and exchange policy. This event adopts Option 2: Consumers may request a refund or exchange within 3 days after purchasing the ticket (excluding the purchase day). However, if the consumer purchases the ticket before the deadline but receives the ticket after the deadline or has not received the ticket by the start of the performance, they may still request a refund or exchange. This regulation does not apply to ticket retrieval at FamilyMart, as tickets can be collected on the purchase day

  • 請求退換票日期,以實體票券在退票期限前寄達至主辦單位地址或電子票卷寄達客服信箱之日為準。
    The request for ticket refund or exchange must be based on the date when the physical ticket reaches the organizer's address or when the electronic ticket is received in the customer service email inbox, within the specified refund period.
  • 本活動此次退票皆依方案二辦法規定,酌收規定之票面金額 5% 手續費。
    For this event, all ticket refunds will follow the procedures outlined in Option 2, with an administrative fee of 5% of the face value of the ticket being charged.
  • 購買本演出場次票券限 2024/6/24(含)前寄達。
    Tickets for this performance must be delivered by June 24, 2024.
  • 已取票者(請先至全家FamiPort將票券取出):需以郵寄方式退回票券,請將「票券」 及「退票申請書」以掛號方式郵寄至主辦單位「台北市中山區中山北路三段58號三樓之五 / 荷米斯娛樂股份有限公司 票務組 收」。退費程序將以主辦單位收到「票券」 及「退票申請書」當日始算60個工作日(不含假日)內完成退款作業,如過了上述時間點尚未收到退款,可再度來信詢問進度。
    For those who have already collected their tickets (please retrieve the tickets at a FamilyMart FamiPort), you are required to return the tickets by registered mail. Please send both the 'tickets' and the 'refund application form' via registered mail to the organizer at '9F, 45 Dongxing Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City / Mercury Media Co., Ltd. Ticketing Department.' The refund process will begin on the day the organizer receives both the 'tickets' and the 'refund application form' and will be completed within 60 working days (excluding holidays). If you have not received the refund after this period, please feel free to contact us for further inquiries.
  • 未取票者:請完整填寫「退票申請書」並 Email 到主辦單位客服信 cs@spaceportcarnival.com ,退費程序將在收件日起算 60 個工作日(不含假日)內完成退費作業。
    For those who have not collected their tickets: Please fill out the 'refund application form' completely and email it to customer service at cs@spaceportcarnival.com. The refund process will begin on the date of receipt and will be completed within 60 working days (excluding holidays) from that date.
  • 換票等同於退票,請退票後再逕行於 KKTIX 購買。
    Exchanging tickets is equivalent to a refund. Please proceed with the refund process and then repurchase the tickets directly on KKTIX.
  • 一旦完成取消訂單及退票手續,該退票之票券將失效,恕無法恢復。
    Once the cancellation and refund procedures are completed, the ticket associated with the refund will become invalid and cannot be reinstated.
  • 「取票手續費」、「轉帳手續費」及「寄回票券郵資」等額外手續費非屬票價部分需由購票人承擔。
    Additional fees such as 'ticket retrieval fee,' 'transfer fee,' and 'postage for returning tickets' are not included in the ticket price and must be borne by the ticket purchaser.

📍以上活動內容,主辦單位保留異動之權力。The promoter reserves the right to change these terms & conditions at any time.



  1. 請勿於拍賣網站或是其他非KKTIX正式授權售票之通路、網站購票、也不要透過陌生代購進行購票,主辦單位與KKTIX均無法保證票券真實性。除可能衍生詐騙案件或交易糾紛外,以免影響自身權益,若發生演出現場無法入場或是其他問題,主辦單位及KKTIX概不負責。
    Please refrain from purchasing tickets through auction websites or other unauthorized channels outside of KKTIX's official ticketing platform. Do not purchase tickets through unfamiliar proxy services. Both the organizers and KKTIX cannot guarantee the authenticity of tickets. To avoid potential fraud or transaction disputes that may impact your rights, it is advised not to buy tickets from unauthorized sources. In the event of entry issues or other problems at the venue, neither the organizers nor KKTIX will be held responsible.
  2. 若有任何形式非供自用而加價轉售(無論加價名目為代購費、交通費、補貼等均包含在內)之情事者,已違反社會秩序維護法第64條第2款;且依文化創意產業發展法第十條之一第二項規定,將票券超過票面金額或定價販售者,按票券張數,由直轄市政府、縣(市)政府處每張票面金額之十倍至五十倍罰鍰,請勿以身試法!
    Engaging in any form of resale for profit (regardless of reasons such as proxy fees, transportation costs, subsidies, etc.) is in violation of Article 64, Paragraph 2 of the Social Order Maintenance Act. Additionally, according to Article 10-1, Paragraph 2 of the Cultural and Creative Industries Development Act, those selling tickets at prices exceeding the face value are subject to fines ranging from ten to fifty times the face value per ticket, imposed by the municipal or county (city) government, depending on the number of tickets. Please refrain from engaging in such activities to avoid legal consequences.
  3. 一人一票、憑票入場,孕婦及身高未滿110公分或未滿7歲孩童,請勿購買站席票券,票券視同有價證券,請妥善保存,如發生遺失、破損、燒毀或無法辨識等狀況,恕不補發。
    tall or under 7 years old, please refrain from purchasing standing tickets. Tickets are considered valuable securities, please keep them properly. In the event of loss, damage, burning, or other circumstances that render the ticket unidentifiable, replacements will not be issued.
  4. 如遇票券毀損、滅失或遺失,主辦單位將依「藝文表演票券定型化契約應記載及不得記載事項」第七項「票券毀損、滅失及遺失之入場機制:主辦單位應提供消費者票券毀損、滅失及遺失時之入場機制並詳加說明。」之規定辦理,詳情請洽KKTIX客服中心。
    In case of ticket damage, destruction, or loss, the organizer will handle it according to the provisions of the "Standardized Contract Terms for Performing Arts Tickets" Article 7: "Entry Mechanism for Damaged, Destroyed, and Lost Tickets: The organizer should provide consumers with an entry mechanism in case of ticket damage, destruction, or loss, and provide detailed explanations." For more details, please contact the KKTIX customer service center.
  5. 請勿攜帶相機、攝影機、DV、錄音機入場,未經主辦單位同意,禁止拍照、錄影、錄音。
    Please do not bring cameras, video cameras, DV devices, or recording devices into the venue. Without prior consent from the organizer, photography, videography, and audio recording are strictly prohibited.
  6. 本節目禁止攜帶外食、飲料(原場館內販售之項目可以帶入場)任何種類之金屬、玻璃、寶特瓶容器、雷射筆、煙火或任何危險物品。
    This event prohibits bringing outside food and beverages (items available for sale inside the venue are allowed). Additionally, any kind of metal, glass, PET containers, laser pointers, fireworks, or any dangerous items are strictly forbidden.
  7. 各表演場館各有其入場規定,請持票人遵守之,遲到觀眾需遵守館方管制。
    Each performance venue has its own entry regulations, and ticket holders are required to adhere to them. Latecomers must comply with the venue's guidelines.
  8. 消費者必須以真實姓名購票及填寫有效個人資訊,協助親友購買票券,應取得該個資所有人同意,一旦以虛假資料購買票券已經涉及刑法第二百十條「偽造私文書罪」:「偽造、變造私文書,足以生損害於公眾或他人者,處五年以下有期徒刑。」 ;且依文化創意產業發展法第十條之一第三項規定:「以虛偽資料或其他不正方式,利用電腦或其他相關設備購買藝文表演票券,取得訂票或取票憑證者,處三年以下有期徒刑,或科或併科新臺幣三百萬以下罰金。」,主辦單位及KKTIX皆有權利立即取消該消費者訂單,請勿以身試法!
    Consumers must purchase tickets and provide valid personal information with their real names. When assisting friends or family in purchasing tickets, consent from the individual whose personal information is being used must be obtained. Purchasing tickets with false information may constitute a violation of Article 210 of the Criminal Code: "Forgery of Private Documents," which carries a penalty of up to five years of imprisonment. Additionally, according to Article 10-1, Paragraph 3 of the Cultural and Creative Industries Development Act: "Using false information or other improper means to purchase tickets for cultural and artistic performances through computers or other related devices, and obtaining booking or ticket collection certificates, shall be punished with imprisonment for up to three years or fined up to NT$3 million, or both." The organizers and KKTIX have the right to immediately cancel the consumer's order in such cases. Please refrain from engaging in unlawful activities.
  9. 購票前請詳閱各活動頁注意事項,一旦購票成功視為同意上述所有活動頁注意事項。
    Before purchasing tickets, please carefully read the notes and guidelines on each event page. Once the ticket purchase is successful, it is considered as an agreement to all the guidelines mentioned on the event page.
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2024/06/19 18:19(+0800) ~ 2024/09/20 19:00(+0800)
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  • TWD$2,580

2024/06/19 18:19(+0800) ~ 2024/09/20 19:00(+0800)
  • TWD$1,190
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